Hybrid target system for 68Ga production

Why use 68Ga?

68Ga is a positron emitting nuclide, used worldwide for the diagnosis of prostate cancer and neuroendocrine tumors with PET/CT imaging. It is traditionally available from 68Ge/68Ga isotope generators, but generator production can hardly meet the increasing demand.

Why produce 68Ga with cyclotron?

Produce as much as you need (check our activity calculator, to see how much you really need) – you save on optimal use of labeling kits and consumables, and never run out of activity

Produce only when you need it – you do not have to pay for a constantly decaying generator when there are no patients to be scanned

Because Ph.Eur. have already implemented it (European Pharmacopoeia 10.3, 3109)

Consider switching from generator to cyclotron production, if:

You perform high number of gallium scans – with cyclotron you can produce much more tracer

You perform low number of scans – you pay the same price for the generator, when you cannot utilize it efficiently, the price/dose is high in case of low patient numbers. Cyclotron produced isotope is prepared only when you need it.

You would like to improve the cost efficiency of isotope production

You want to get rid of generator supply problems

Why chose Hybrid Target for 68Ga production?

Target material is irradiated in solid form, yielding high activity from short irradiation – it can be compatible with the tight schedule of a busy cyclotron

Irradiated target material is dissolved inside the target system

Produced activity is transferred from the target to the hotcell via capillary line

Installation and operation is simple and cost efficient

Operation is safe (no boiling of corrosive acids with the beam)

Further isotopes under development: 89Zr, 99mTc, 44Sc, 61/64Cu

The new Hybrid Target System developed by SynIQ Ltd. combines the advantages of solid- and liquid targets while avoiding their drawbacks.

Target material is irradiated in the system in solid form while placed in a multi position holder.

The irradiated target material is dissolved in the target and transferred to the hotcell via capillary line. Installation and use is simple as a liquid target, but yields are high as of a solid target (60 GBq @ EOB with 3h irradiation).

The system is an excellent choice for users, who want to implement a simple but highly efficient method for 68Ga production.


The SynIQ target performs the first three steps of 68Ga tracer production in an automatized way. It can towork together with any synthesis module used for radiometal labeling.

The target holder is loaded into the target system by the operator manually before the weekly/daily isotope production.

The target positions are automatically switched by the system, prepared for irradiation and dissolved after the bombardment.

The target solution is transferred to the hotcell via PEEK capillary line by the aid of an auxiliary syringe pump or the connected synthesis module.

The system is using the helium and water cooling of the cyclotron. It needs only compressed air- and mains supply. The operation is controlled by a PLC, which can be accessed through LAN connection from a PC. User access is password protected.

Target hardware versions

Sliding hybrid target


The target system consists of a cyclotron interface block and the target holder handling mechanics.

The interface block contains two helium-cooled degrader foils to isolate the irradiated target material from the vacuum of the cyclotron.

The target pneumatics provides water cooling on the back side of the target bar and forwards it from the irradiation position to the dissolution chamber.


  • GE PETtrace
  • any cyclotron with beam line

Revolving hybrid target


The interchangeable interface block holds two degrader foils to isolate the irradiated target material from the vacuum of the cyclotron.

The block has water cooling around the walls of the beam channel. The degrader foils are cooled with helium.

The revolver mechanics fits into 65 mm diameter and 195 mm length. It provides water cooling for the four-position target cap from the back side and positions the target spots to the irradiation- and dissolution sites with rotation.


  • GE self-shielded PETtrace
  • GE Minitrace
  • IBA 18/9